Who we are


Discipleship We are a disciple-making church seeking to help one another become closer followers of Jesus Christ.

Gospel We are a Gospel-driven church seeking to share the love of God through Jesus Christ with all people.

Service We are a service-minded church seeking to meet the needs of Pelzer and the surrounding communities.

Grace We are a Grace-filled church, open to all who seek to be a part of our community.  We encourage diversity, and we welcome everyone regardless of background, lifestyle, age, race, color, ethnicity, citizenship, national origin, sex, religious background, income level, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  At Pelzer United Methodist Church, we accept all people as children of God in need of God's Grace.


The word "theology" literally means "words about God."  Throughout history, human beings have developed words about God that are constantly evolving into formal doctrines, practices, and systems of belief.

At Pelzer United Methodist Church, the foundation of our theology is the belief in the unconditional, unending, and unrestrained love of God for humanity and God's call on us to extend this same love to one another.   Beyond this, we recognize that we can never presume to fully understand God, so our words about God are also constantly evolving.  

Along with other Christians all over the world, our church affirms historic, orthodox Christian beliefs as summarized by the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.  As part of the global United Methodist Church, we celebrate the rich theological heritage of the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition.  John Wesley, a Priest of the Church of England, and his followers became known as Methodists in the Eighteenth Century.  Wesley and the Methodists began a conversation about God that has developed into a theology that emphasizes the unending grace of God through Jesus Christ, salvation by faith alone  through grace alone, personal holiness, and a commitment to social justice.

As we continue having conversations about God, we always look to the Bible as the primary way in which God reveals himself to the world.  However, recognizing the limited ability of human beings to understand God, we also look to tradition, reason, and personal experience to aid us in interpreting the Bible.

As you can see, we have many words about God at Pelzer United Methodist Church.  We welcome you to join us and become part of the conversation.


Methodists have practiced their faith in Pelzer since the founding of the community.  When the first mills were constructed at Pelzer in the late nineteenth century, local Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, and Wesleyans worshiped together in a Union Sabbath School held in the upstairs room of a local store.  Later, Pelzer Mills helped build a Union Church building where these same denominations worshiped together in until each could build their own building. 

The congregation of Pelzer Methodist Episcopal Church, South was officially established in 1898.  As Methodist denominations nationwide merged, the church became known as Pelzer Methodist Church in 1939 and Pelzer United Methodist Church in 1968. 

The church’s first building was erected in 1902 with the assistance of Pelzer Mills.  This building sat on the site of the current church’s back parking lot.  The two-story classroom area of the current building was originally Pelzer High School and dates to the early twentieth century.  Pelzer High School and Williamston High School merged to form Palmetto High School in 1953.  A sanctuary and bell tower were then built on to the old Pelzer High School to form the current church building.  The pulpit, altar rail, and sacrament table were removed from the original building and are still in use in the sanctuary of the current church.  The first service in the current church was held on December 19, 1954, and 266 people were in attendance.

In recent years, the mills that were the lifeblood of the Town of Pelzer and the surrounding area have closed down.  This has caused many changes and challenges for the community.  However, Pelzer United Methodist Church continues to be a source of inspiration and leadership for the town.  As change continues to come to the area, the church is adapting and joining with other local organizations to revitalize and serve the community.

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  • Sundays @ 10:00 AM
  • Wednesdays @ 4:00 PM
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