Worship Style

The primary focus of our worship services is the celebration of the Holy Sacraments.  

The Sacraments are outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace which God has given to us through Jesus Christ. The Sacraments are also a means by which we receive and experience God's grace. The United Methodist Church teaches that Christ ordained two Sacraments in the Gospels for Christians to continually observe: Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Because the Sacraments were established by God and are means of God's grace for all of humanity, our church welcomes all people to take part in the Sacraments and we deny them to no one.

​At Pelzer UMC, our worship services combine the ancient rhythmic style of Christian liturgy with practical teaching for our everyday lives.  Our services include class hymns, contemporary songs, Scripture lessons, corporate and private prayers.  We follow the traditional liturgical year, so our services change as the seasons change.  Our principal weekly services are Holy Communion on Sundays and Evening Prayer on Wednesdays.

Holy Communion


10:00 AM

What to Expect

Our main Sunday worship service is ​the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. On the night before Jesus died for us, he shared bread and wine with his disciples and declared that the bread and wine were his own body and blood, broken and shed for them. Then, Jesus instructed his disciples to repeat this ritual "in remembrance of me." Thus, the Sacrament of Holy Communion has been the central practice of Christian worship for over 2,000 years. At Pelzer United Methodist Church, we continue this tradition each week by ​singing songs and hymns, ​studying the Bible, offering prayers to God, listening to Scripturally -based ​Sermons​ ​to prepare our hear​ts and minds to partake of this Holy Sacrament. Then, we complete our weekly service by reverently sharing bread and wine with each other. We believe that this sacred and mystical celebration is a Holy Mystery in which Christ is present with us. At Pelzer United Methodist Church, we practice "Open Communion," so we invite everyone to partake of the Holy Sacrament. If you are visiting our church, we especially invite you to join us in this sacred act of worship. At the appropriate time, you will be invited to follow other congregants to the front altar of the church and bow. You will be given a piece of bread, then a cup of unfermented wine (grape juice) will be presented to you. You are invited to dip the bread into the cup before prayerfully eating the bread. For the official United Methodist teaching concerning Holy Communion in more detail, please click here.​

Holy Baptism

Jesus Christ commissioned his followers​ to make further disciples throughout the world by​ baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is the historic initiation rite of the Church. Through this sacred waters of Baptism, we believe Christians are buried with Christ in His death, and raised to walk in the promise resurrection and new life.

When adults come to faith in Jesus Christ, we baptize ​them in a public worship​ ceremony in which the new believer announces his faith and dedicates himself to follow Jesus as a disciple. In keeping with ancient tradition, we also baptize infants and young children whose parents promise to raise them up in the church. This is a special celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism in which the child is baptized, and the child's parents, relatives, and the congregation as a whole promise to teach the child to be a follower of Jesus.​ After reaching​​ a suitable age (usually in the teenage years), those who were baptized as infants or young children have the opportunity to declare their personal faith and commitment to discipleship through a process called Confirmation. We practice Baptism by all historic means including immersion, affusion (pouring), and aspersion (sprinkling). We believe that a person should only be Baptized once, and we accept as valid Baptisms from other Christian denominations.

​For the official United Methodist​ teaching concerning Baptism in more detail, please click here.

Evening Prayer


4:00 PM

What to Expect

On Wednesdays at 4 p.m., we join together in our Social Hall to take a break from stress of the week for a special worship service called Evening Prayer. This service is generally based on the service of Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. Many churches throughout the world celebrate Evening Prayer or similar services known as Evensong, Vespers, or Compline. Intentionally setting apart a time in the evening for prayer comes from the ancient Christian monastic tradition of celebrating worship services at different times each day. This service includes scripture readings, prayers, and lessons from the Bible. Join us for this intimate, spiritual worship experience.

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